Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 15 – Communication Isn’t Easy

In the third week of our 40 days journey, we will study the third relationship principle outlined in The Relationship Principles of Jesus by Tom Holladay.

1. Place the Highest Value on Relationships
2. Love as Jesus Loves You

3. Communicate from the Heart

Communication is “a process by which information is confused by individuals through a conflicting system of emotions, behaviors, backgrounds, and desires.” – Tom Holladay, “The Relationship Principles of Jesus”.

While this may not agree with your dictionary’s definition of communication, it does sum up the reality of how difficult communication can be. Something as simple as using the wrong word at the wrong time can completely derail an otherwise great conversation.

Tom makes a great analogy when he describes communication as the fuel of relationships. A NASCAR driver would never try to compete against other drivers with just any old gasoline. To get the maximum performance out of their cars, they require the highest octane fuels. Our relationships are the same way; just any old communication will not keep a relationship moving forward for very long. And just like the tiniest spark can have devastating consequences when applied to the wrong fuel, so to can the words we use when we communicate in our relationships.

Fortunately, the Bible contains many examples of how Jesus communicated. In Chapter 15, Tom identifies three lessons we can learn from the teachings of Jesus on how to communicate and how to use communication in positive way in our relationships.

1. The foundation of communication is trust
2. Communication is always from the heart
3. Communication that makes an impact is honest

What we learn from these lessons is that our words, and how we communicate them, have real power that comes from God. When we communicate in a positive way, our words are given the power to heal relationships, someone’s faith, a broken heart, or a shattered hope. Over the next week, we will dig into how to harness that power for our relationships. I hope you’ll follow along.

Day 16 – The Foundation Is Trust

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