Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 23 - Say No to Hypocrisy

I think hypocrisy is one of the things I most fear in my relationships and spiritual life. I know how far from perfect I am, and I often worry that I will be perceived as a hypocrite when I share something that God has done. As I thought about starting this site, the fear of being seen as a hypocrite actually held me back for some time.

I guess in some respect that fear makes me a hypocrite - being too concerned with what others will think or how I will appear. But, the difference, to me anyway, is that I didn't start the site to focus on me, but rather on how we can learn to hear God's voice in what we read, listen to, and see. I'm not pretending to have a unique inside track to God, rather I want share what I'm learning as I try to become more of the person God intends for me to be.

I think hypocrisy probably affects our relationships more than we realize. The people we love can see right through who we pretend to be. When they see us being dishonest about who we are, I'm sure that leads to them feeling we are being less than honest with them.

I'm going to continue to whittle down that plank in my own eye and focus on my integrity and hopefully you will be able to grant me some mercy as I do.

Day 24 - Say Yes to Integrity

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